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Mobile Maintenance  Training 

VMS can provide all of your mobile maintenance training needs.  From new to industry employees, semi-skilled employees to improving the skills of experienced maintenance personal.  We can develop your new staff from entry level to superintendent with our individually customized training programs designed for your needs.

We can provide pre-screening and skills testing of your candidates, to verification of competency of existing staff and full move and test on all equipment.  For your existing workforce we can perform a gap analysis to tailor a specific training program for you.  Our maintenance training team has consistently achieved better than expected results on all projects to date.

Mobile Maintenance  Training 

HME Operators  Training 

VMS’ mining operator trainers have been behind some of the greatest training successes achieved in West Africa.  Our training programs can develop your new operators from completely green to world class standards through our structured programs in limited time.


We can deliver to your existing operators specialized efficiency training to improve their current skill level to meet your BCM rates and improve your overall KPI’s.  Safety is always first and foremost in our training and your site will benefit from our fully qualified and certified staff.

Improving your times and maintaining those times, all the time. Our customized training program will improve spot times, dig rates, queue time, hang time, load time, travel time, dump time, travel, cycle time, empty stop time and loaded.

HME Operators Training

Lifting Equipment  Training 


VMS high risk equipment’s trainers have thorough and comprehensive knowledge on lifting equipment. VMS provides theoretical and practical training for Forklift/Manitou, HIAB, Boom Lift, Rigging & Slinging.


We also customize training courses to meet your equipment specifications. Our comprehensive training package will improve safety and control of your equipment. Participant who successfully completes and passes with a 70% or higher will receive a certificate as proof of achievement with validity of 2 years.

Lifting Equipment Training

Service  Contracts 

Our highly trained maintenance technicians are ready to step in and improve your maintenance repairs, MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTFS (Mean Time to First Stoppage) which is the first unplanned stoppage after a scheduled maintenance event.

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VMS understand that good availability, which measures the ability of a piece of equipment to be operated if needed is degraded if that equipment cannot perform its intended function for a specific period without failure. Thus, VMS has that balance between availability and reliability. We work constructively as a team to ensure we get the best possible result at all time.

VMS will prioritize any repair or breakdown with the required sense of urgency but will not take any risks/ shortcuts for the sake of availability. 

You can count on us to improve your overall equipment availability to meet and beat your KPI’s.  Our maintenance teams are skilled across all mining fleets and ready to work for our combined successes.

Service Contracts

Frontline Management  Training 

VMS’s frontline management training is aimed at developing supervisors to take charge and lead other toward



Our training package will enable your supervisors to communicate effectively, use critical thinking skills and develop people and teams. The frontline management training can be very beneficial for Mining companies aiming to promote IDP (Internal Development Program) for their local employees.

Frontline Management Training

Succession  Program 


When it comes to developing your internal employees with the potential to fill key business leadership positions, you can partner with VMS to determine the best way to promote learning. Our customized succession program training and development combined with our Frontline Management Training can be very beneficial to your organization.

Succession Planning
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